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Lift up burden for back-office people

Updated: Jun 24

For Back-office divisions of the company which serves as a back-bone to support the employee in the company including General Affairs, Human Resource, or IT team. Those teams require to provide strong communication to the employee, involving informing different type of announcement or information sharing depending on group of audiences.

Communicating via email to all employee about updates of policy, status of new join/rotate employee, or requesting an action to install security updates. The business chat app provides tremendous shift to inform and engage with employee in a fast manner.

For the best practice for your company to adapt Slack tool, the pre-defined channel by Slack where entire employee are belong to is #general.

Easy Steps for you:

  • Set a channel for an official announcement a.k.a. the first channel all employee must join after their onboardings. ( in this case #general )

  • Get employee’s attention, tag “@channel” OR “@here

  • Make an announcement post containing text, emoji, and announcements. Easy to customize based on your objective or preference.

  • Monitor quick engagement by response in emoji.

  • Get notified for incoming employee’s inquiries in the thread of your post. Convenient to reply in one click.

This provides big merit switching from email to business chat app like Slack communication. Now, as it is entirely depend on each company for the frequency or style to communicate from the post created inside the business chat.

Slack provides freedom for user to configure notification preference to avoid getting too many notifications while he or she want to concentrate on the work. In that case, the risk of missing the announcement post in timeline format is one of the challenge. Slack post engagement is viewable by Slack workspace admin. On the other side, the post creator also encounter hurdle to employee engagement. Slack only allows the workspace admin to check the post engagement which is inadequate as it only shows the overview of the post; no. of view, no. of responses. Meaning it still leaves a big challenge to check the engagement in detail in deeper level and often need to contact via DM to follow-up the person who have not perform action by the pre-informed deadlines.

Would it be better for you to get rid of those challenges and maximize the benefit to your team, your company?

To work smoothly, frictionless and efficient on your daily routine, here’s the tool to remove such constraints and give you freedom to focus on things that matter to you. can help you. Own personal assistant inside your Slack now with coming soon β-trial.

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