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Getting tough to stay on track of how other teams are doing? Possible way is here NOW!

Updated: Jul 21

Massive communication for circular notices from Back-office People ( e.g. General affairs, Human Resources, IT) to the entire employees are delivered through email or chat workspace like Slack workspace through a dedicated channel for official announcements.

Compared to email, Slack communication tool provides an instant notification to the employee by using different type of mention starting with @xxx

  • @channel ( to all channel members)

  • @here ( to all channel members who is in active status )

  • @specific member's slack account

Explore more about Slack to notice in the workspace

In addition to the back-office people, one of the hot use cases are when other teams want to share to other folks of their team holding an important meeting such as Sales strategy for next fiscal , New product roadmap from Business Development , or Technical session updates.

These nature of such announcements are slightly different to those from the Back-office People in a way that it is not mandatory BUT "welcome for other non-division members to attend and hear it out".

The common way to promote is announcing in the main channel for the entire company with dedicated date & meeting link to join. In some cases those team send calendar invites to the entire company, but that might be too disturbing since the attendance is optional. Well some people who check out the post can mark their schedule to attend by adding to his/her calendar.

But because Slack notification displays like a waterfall..... Several people missed it.

For instances, one of the cases the employee has mentioned to us is

I missed important meeting "Quarterly Sales Session"
It's struggling for me to find the post because Slack timeline is easily get missed. It gets buried with other posts. 
Normally I could partially observe in the office before we shift to Work from home policy due to the pandemic. 

Senior developer, Software company

Like he described some difficulty when the company is shifted to Work From Home policy, it became unobservable to notice what is happening in the company, how are other teams are doing. Normally such meeting is held in open-area visible to any employee, free for anyone to attend and engage.

Taking into the account for such troublesome pain, is tackling to deliver ease of use for employee to see what event is coming up and easily RSVP just one click. No more annoying step to manually add to calendar.
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