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Feeling overwhelmed handling tasks via Slack ? Let's move from "problematic" to "automatic"!

Updated: Jul 21

Current generation, more employees are adapted and familiar with managing their working day through several SaaS applications especially in Tech-industry in US, Europe countries, or even in Japan market.

It becomes more powerful if the company can manage with seamless integration through various SaaS for the employee to have smooth operation on their jobs.... with less friction, more things get done.

Slack provides great integration with over thousands of SaaS and allow developers to create in-house apps to the company Slack workspace easily.

The employees regularly spend time inside Slack to work and communicate with various parties; including with colleagues, boss, within the team, or with other teams.

9 hours is the time period an average user of Slack is signed in for. (source URL )

To reach the balance point of feeling convenient VS. feeling overwhelmed relies on how the employee can manage all information flowing to their end.

In our research, we try to experiment checking the response in specific slack channel containing every single of the employee there ( #official-channel) to measure how do they cope for company announcement post which request them to perform some action. ( e.g. IT team request to update security software, Annual health-check reservation, or Performance assessment review. )

It reveals that only 5% performs the action immediately.

Of course, it is related to the nature of the request and time duration to perform a particular action, possibly ranging from 5 mins ~ 1 hours to complete the task.

Internal research conducted at HENNGE K.K. (Oct'2020)

.60% of employee chose to perform manual actions with available Slack options such as

  • Click "Save" post to check later

  • Add "reminder"

  • Share the post to his/her own DM to check later


  • Manually add to the calendar or task management app.

The remaining 35% of respondent mentioned they do nothing.

Majority of the reason came from by the time post is notified in the channel, they were not available due to engage in other task, in a meeting, or simply mute the notification during that moment. It often led them to miss out on the posts and ended up not performing the action within the deadline.

Leading from such encountered issue, wishs to bring a healthy chat workspace for employees. Frictionless to manage tasks to calendar without leaving Slack platform for smooth concentrate on important work.

Check HERE to explore how we can convert from "problematic" to "automatic" !

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