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Excessive messages effect. The diminishing productivity of chat platform - An unavoidable issue?

The adoption rate using Chat/messaging instead of Email is gradually increasing before COVID-19 and it accelerated after the pandemic hit since early 2020.

With speedy conversation via Chat apps, Slack is among the top to gain popularity with its capability to integrate with several apps through its powerful API for developer or Tech-company.

Several channels are created to communicate based on team, project, or the purpose-oriented.

  • Team or Division-oriented channel:

  • #Sales-team channel,

  • #Customer-Success-team,

  • #Back-office-team,

  • #COVID19-monitoring-team, etc.

  • Project-oriented channel:

  • #Product XYZ-dev,

  • #Sep-Partner-seminar, etc.

  • Purpose-oriented channel:

  • #Official-channel: announcing any message(s) to entire employee to acknowledge

  • #fun-xxx channel: non-work related for casual chatting among employee based on the interest of channel's topic.

Slack 2021 report shows that on average, an employee belongs to multiple channels and receives over few hundred messages on a daily basis. Some may experience overwhelming incoming notification and excessive information which result in a downward of the productivity.

Where there are so many channels and people involved, it gets cluttered. "If our brains are too cluttered and we’re processing 
too much information, our productivity and focus decreases."

Slack platform does provide the options and command to help the user including

  • saving the post

  • reminder about the post with customizable notification time


  • mute the notification and check "unread" message section

These features allows user to manage at certain level to follow-up pending unread post or notification message from the Slack platform.

Nevertheless, the UI/UX is limited as the employee (user) is required to go to each channel where the post is created. It takes 1~2 mins/post for the user to read/digest/perform next action.

If we assume that 1/3 of daily few hundreds messages (~ 200 messages) is post from channel and the rest is via DM, the user need to spend (1/3 * 200 messages) * 1 min/post = 1 hour/day for such administrative tasks. provides the dashboard for the user to focus at one place, a hub that allow the user checking the incoming post with pleasant UI of sequential order of deadlines. It keeps the user focus on key actions on important tasks, and let simplifine be the assistant for everything else.

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