• Sai Rintira

Deliver great experience for new joiner during WFH situation

Updated: Jun 24

For all of us out there who has experienced almost 1.5 year for WFH style during the COVID pandemic situation, there are both benefits and challenges to maintain productivity and communication with your co-worker, boss, or other member in the company.

One of the critical group the company should be focused on are the new comer who join to the company during the pandemic period.

Never been to office full of people.
Never met or hung out for social gathering with colleagues.
Never bumped into other members for quick chat / updates about the work or non-work related stuffs.

For Slack messaging, it provides an option for smooth onboarding experience to the new joiner with workflow builder, Explore HERE.

After the onboarding process with HR and IT is complete and ready to transit to the designated team for training and start working — Would it be better for company to take extra care for the new joiner to feel calm and relax to engage conversation not only to their assigned team, their mentor & supervisor but getting close to the other parts of the company, help them learn to explore and capture the other interesting things outside their team.

Imagine having an app to collect interesting topics for individual including “new joiner” and provides channel suggestion to each member’s preference. This brings benefit for the new joiners to widen their conversation into different group of slack channels inside the company’s Slack communication.

No burden for HR or mentor to be worried for manually preparing the list of channels for each new joiner. Also to avoid being good for nothing by inviting them to the slack channels which might not fit to their interests, so its become unpleasant for new joiner with the hard feeling to leave the channel right away. LOSE-LOSE strategy. provides the concept to help bring pleasant welcome for new joiners right after their onboarding. Switching to WIN-WIN strategy now.

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