Focus on what matters,

discover them better

Remove chaos, endless information overload 
in your chat workspace.

Eliminate information siloing and improve employee engagement
at your company with 
simplifine.io (β)

Eliminate frustration to check employee engagement

No matter who Post creators are: HR, IT or other teams, promptly check the status of your announcement

Tracking status:-

  • Done / Not related / Unread


Focus on what matters, digest at quick glance 

Redesign the way for announcement
get rid of text wall and messy timeline.
Landing the schedule with seamless integration to your calendar

  • Shows type of announcement

  • Sequence with deadline

  • Block your calendar without leaving your workspace


Our Mission


We believe to empower a healthy workspace for the companies.


Discover unknowns for future collaboration or

to get simply inspired.

Collect user preferences and suggest channels for users to explore

  • Keyword selections for newly created channel.

  • Suggest topics related to user preference


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